During this transitional year children have the opportunity to make a more gradual move



Kindergarten is a transitional year when children move from a playful learning setting to more formal modes ...



In First Grade, students begin to build the important skills necessary for lifelong learning and discovery ....



In Second Grade, students build on the social, emotional, and cognitive foundations developed ....



Sara Mintz - Director

Sara serves as the founder and director of the Growing Garden schools which includes ...

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Alta Gordon - Director of Development

Alta was born in New York and raised in Toronto. After continuing her education in ...

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Tracy Larson - Kindergarten Teacher

Tracy taught the at the Growing Garden Preschool from 2006. Since 2009 Tracy has ...

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Danielle Blake - First Grade Teacher

Danielle Blake has taught in both public and private schools for over 14 years ...

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Amy Lambuth - Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

With over 15 years of experience as an educator, she has taught Transitional Kindergarten...

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Building the Foundations of Great Education

The foundation of The Growing Garden Academy is centered on the needs of your children and your family. When developing the curricula and classroom, we wanted to build a progressive, educational environment by bringing together the theories and practices from the best pedagogical minds in the country, all with one goal in mind: Create an ...

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Making Your Child Count

Every child has a world of intelligence and talent. They just need the right outlet to plug into, the right environment for them to discover their specific passion through which they shine brightly, and learn best!   The idea of teaching each child to his or her needs and strengths is central to our ancient ...

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Meet Danielle, Our First Grade Teacher

Danielle Blake is our First Grade Teacher at the Growing Garden Academy.     Danielle sees so much potential in the project-based learning approach to education. The real-life applications of math, science and the arts, all combined into a cohesive lesson, helps the students connect with what’s happening in school to their home lives.   “I ...

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Progressive, Hands-On Jewish Studies

The Growing Garden Academy is unique among elementary schools in that it provides an individualized education for each child, interwoven with Jewish traditions and values.  Our goals are for our students to love learning, to build character, empathy and leadership skills, all while being surrounded by a community of extended family that provides them with ...

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The First Interdisciplinary Jewish School

When we first imagined creating the Growing Garden Academy, we knew that we wanted it to be interdisciplinary and infuse the beliefs, values and history of Jewish identity into everything that the students will be learning. We’ve achieved that by incorporating Jewish traditions and study into the everyday structure of the classroom.   For example, ...

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Nurturing the Community

The Growing Garden Academy this year is centered on the theme of community. Why? Because a sense of community is woven into everything we do as teachers, parents and students.   Community is the way in which we give value to everything the children learn, by connecting the pillars in their lives: their family, friends, ...

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The importance of sheltering humans and animals

It’s a new year and we’ve been busy celebrating and learning about all of the significant holidays that usher in Fall at the Growing Garden Academy.   Our school-year focus of community was once again front and center during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, as we encouraged each child to reflect back on and set ...

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