Project Based Learning

Students learn most effectively by working together to solve everyday problems. Project based learning provides an opportunity for; greater depth in understanding concepts, a broader knowledge base, improved communication and interpersonal skills, enhanced leadership skills, increased creativity and improved writing skills.


Scaffolding provides students with temporary strategic support to help them reach higher levels of comprehension and skill acquisition. This moves students toward stronger understanding and greater independence.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

All instruction is relevant and applicable to the students’ lives. Learning is about weaving real life experiences into each subject matter.

Teacher Collaboration

All staff in the school play a role in the students’ education. Teachers collaborate to align their strategies and goals maximizing their teaching and students success.

Engage Students’ Multiple Intelligences

All children have multiple intelligences that should be nurtured and strengthened. By engaging students multiple intelligences, each child can enhance their strongest intelligence while stretching to develop others.

Teaching To Each Child’s Strengths

Each child is unique and learns in his/her own unique way. Teaching to a child’s strengths helps build his/her confidence and allows him/her to strive and succeed.